Welcome to my otherside....My useless thoughts

Just my ramblings about life, my work doing tech support for an isp, depression, and whatever else I feel like whining about. About the only time I sit down & write is when I'm feeling down. This is a venting for me usually they're feelings from the darkest part of my heart. So read on, enjoy and feel priviledged that I opened this window to my soul.

Monday, March 24, 2003

War, war war, death and destruction, casualties what did you expect its a war not a picnic. people who think there should be no war don't know what we're really fighting for, of that to be honest I am not sure. seeing the carcasses of vehicles looking like prehistoric monsters set ablaze by an unknown source, then your hear the rumble of our mighty force. Coming closer each and every day, saddam, saddam... yes you're gonna pay. We'll fight to the end to end your reign, to hell and back it doesnt matter how much pain we suffer because when we get our hands on you you'll never forget the red... the white... the blue!!

I dont know why I am writing in rhyme I am just purging I suppose, I am bored at work and actually have some free time. I feel like shit I am sick, Jane is sick & my babydoll Kayla is sick too... we've all got the flu.... I am doing ok I guess, I finally let the dr change my meds the other day, so I am still getting adjusted to it and right now I feel pretty out of it. They wanted to put me on lithium but I told them I wouldnt take it if they did, the've been trying to get me on that for a year.... soooooo FINALLY I agreed to let the dr change my meds, the put me on depakote, its some strong stuff like lithium but since I just started am not sure how its gonna work out.
damn am falling asleep at my desk, josh keeps makin sure I am awake LOL pretty bad eh? but hey I cant afford to take a day off.

I got rid of my blazer.... that kinda sucked and I miss it but I bought a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am that is loaded, I love it got a good deal on it too. my head is swimming, my thoughts are racing around in circles but not like crazy fast its lust like they're spinning around but I can reach out and grab them one at a time and throw it back in when I am done. Weird shit eh? I dunno but I'm not sad not sad like thinking about bad things, I dont know why i'm writing all of this gonna post it for the world to see, I just dont give a shit about it, well I care but right now I dont, dont ask I am not making sense ok I gotta stop for a while will write more later

I think