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Just my ramblings about life, my work doing tech support for an isp, depression, and whatever else I feel like whining about. About the only time I sit down & write is when I'm feeling down. This is a venting for me usually they're feelings from the darkest part of my heart. So read on, enjoy and feel priviledged that I opened this window to my soul.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Ok, yes I know I have been lazy as hell about updating this lately. They moved my hours back about a month ago, so now when I come home I don't want to sit on the computer. I just want to spend a little time with my lil girl and once in a blue moon I'll actually get to see Jane before she goes to bed for maybe five minutes if I'm lucky. On the weekends I'm keeping busy going through stuff in my garage & the rest of the house doing spring cleaning. I have thrown away so much junk that I've accumulated, I'm a pack rat & so is Jane... we hate to throw things away. For example: I've got a crib that turns into a daybed, a playpen, highchair & a kiddy swing from when Kayla was a baby that I've just held on to incase I could give it to someone. Except for the bed, everything is still in the original boxes. Finally a friends wife got preggers & they want the stuff! Yippeeee! More stuff I can get rid of.

I have been on a frenzy going through everything...pissing me off that someone doesn't want to help me go through anything. I can't blame her because I'm an ass when I'm cleaning. Trust me you do not wanna be around me when I am in cleaning mode. If you get in my way, I'll run yer butt over too. But I am not a neat freak, my buddy Dave thinks I am but if I were a neat freak my house would look like my brother inlaws place. That place looks like it's straight out of "Better Homes & Gardens." He is one of the most hardest working people I've met and he has a heart the size of a watermelon. He is "good people," props to you Jojo - I love ya bro!

Speakin of bro's, I'm kinda bummed out that I haven't seen my lil bro in about seven years. He's out of the Army now, he messed his life up pretty good but he is trying to get everythings straightened out. He's done a good job so far but still has some work to do. Booga - I miss ya, wish you could come visit.

Ohhhhh! How could I forget, talking about visits, my mom & dad are coming to visit me in June! This is gonna be so sweet, hehe I'm giggling like a little kid thinking about it. Yeah for those wondering since ya know my parents split up, I am talking about my mom & her hubby (Dave) of about seven years. He's been great to her and all of us kids, he treats us like we're his own flesh & blood. I gotta say I love him just like my real dad.

I'm pretty sure my real dad (Ialways call him pops) understands this. He's a great guy too, both have taught me alot. My pops is nutty though, I mean like "Tim the toolman" nutty! More power Argh Argh Argh! More power! He's a smoking mechanic, loves to build hotrods. I've only met a few grease monkeys who I would say are on his level. He is remarried too, but I haven't gotten to meet his new wife Tanya. I've talked with her on the phone before and she seems like a sweetheart. Hopefully I'll get to meet her one day... hint hint... in other words pops get yer butt out here to visit me! Hehehe.... loves ya pops

Now that I've written a book and given something for R - (Dave's wife) to read she'll stop yelling at me for a lil bit. She's right though, (yeah I said it, I'm a guy & can admit when a woman is right) I do need to update this more often. Hugs!

Alrighty, am done for now, if you can make sense out of anything I wrote pat yourself on the back. I just re-read it and it was to helter skelter for me to comprehend and I wrote it!

Hugs & high fives to all!